7 Pillars of Multifamily Success – Accelerated Mentorship

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You WILL buy a building within one year of the training or your money back.

Everyone in the group training WILL after 7 weeks:

  • Have MY TEAM working for you – Instant credibility = DEALS!
  • Realtors A+ Lists, Mortgage Brokers, and Property Managers. Skip YEARS of WORK.
  • Have cash and/or Joint Venture money lined up and ready to go.
  • Be Ready, Willing, and Confident to write offers – Ready Set GO!!
  • Be Pre- Approved with Multiple Lenders for different strategies.

Simply complete the worksheets following each ZOOM call – and submit to me. I will follow up with a 1-hour call to prepare you for the next Pillar. The process is the same following each Pillar until GRADUATION. My graduates will become successful Apartment Building Investors. See Pillar Summary Below:

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Pillar 1 – Planning – Essential Foundation

  • Assess your cash situation – Cash, line of credit, or Joint Venture Partners.
  • Finalize Personal Net Worth Binder – Professionally Done (with what lenders like).
  • Explore your “WHY” and how you can get to your Goals with Multi Family.
  • Drill down to YOUR specific NICHE (macro and micro).
  • Build your team in preparation – Introductions to my “A” Team.
  • Get into the Ready, Set, GO mentality. Get EXCITED about Apartment Buildings!

Pillar 2 – Raising Capital – Sources of funds, How much do I need?

  • Utilizing your own cash and/or credit lines. How/when to use.
  • Explore or utilize joint venture partners – including relatives.
  • Getting the Seller to partially finance the project – BRRRR.
  • Become a MAGNET to capital.
  • You can absolutely buy a building with $0 (yes it can be done).
  • How lenders view equity towards Apartment Building purchases.
  • How to Keep Capital flowing to your deals – No buying limits!

Pillar 3 – Acquisitions (Detailed)

  • Multiple Offer Strategies that work.
  • Where/How to find deals that make sense.
  • How to properly draft an offer to your advantage.
  • Using Vendor Take Back mortgages and Agreement for Sale. Other “Creative” Purchase Strategies.
  • Paying referral fees to a “Wholesaler”.
  • Detailed analysis methods, and quick filters to ditch duds.
  • How to recognize upside potential and pounce on the deal. FAST.

Pillar 4 – Due Diligence

  • More detailed analysis – when to walk and when to proceed once under contract.
  • Understanding the “Real numbers”, Vendors, Realtors, Banks, and YOU.
  • Timelines and process of Due Diligence.
  • What reports do you need – and how to save thousands of $$$ (seriously).
  • Determining your Risk vs. YEILD.
  • When and how to re-negotiate the deal successfully.
  • Trick’s sellers use – and how to avoid the pitfalls. Buyer beware.

Pillar 5 – Financing

  • The “HOW TO” of Commercial Mortgage Financing.
  • Getting the bank to say “YES”, or even better MULTIPLE Banks.
  • Exploring the sources of Capital.
  • When to use conventional vs. CMHC.
  • When to use a Mortgage Broker and when not to.
  • Using 1st and 2nd Mortgages.
  • Minimizing your closing costs to save you HUGE $$$.

Pillar 6 – Property Management

  • Dos and Don’ts of Property Management.
  • How much to be involved and when.
  • Fully utilizing their strengths, while maintaining your sanity.
  • True Success/Failure lessons I learned the hard way.
  • Taking full market advantage during boom times, and more important …
  • Surviving during rough times.

Pillar 7 – Repositioning or Selling your Building

  • Proven Strategies to get your building performing top notch.
  • Sell or Refinance? The agony and ecstasy of the decision – Factors to Weigh.
  • How to properly assess the value – Address your weaknesses and fix them.
  • For Sale by owner, or Realtor? MLS or “Exclusive” listing?
  • Other important Details to consider for you and your partners.
  • Graduation!

After Week 7 and the 7th Pillar, you will be ready to purchase a building, and some of you will already have offers before the end of the training. Upon completion I will introduce you to my team as Multi Family Professionals to give you an edge of having the strongest Multifamily team in Canada working for you as hard as they work for me!