Altyn Equities – Fall 2020 Update

Altyn Equities 2020 Fall Update – Click to view

Greetings investors and welcome to the fall 2020 update in this truly unprecedented time. As of today the TSX is surging, up 11% in three weeks with energy stocks leading the charge.  Four coronavirus vaccines are showing incredible promise. Rents and residential property values in Saskatoon are pushing higher. Is the great prairie recession finally over? Please refer to the attached link for my analysis and update on all the projects in our portfolio.

This year has certainly been a roller coaster but we have persevered and are coming out of this stronger than even. Since our last update we have sent out two waves of rent increase to all of our buildings in Saskatoon with minimal impact from coronavirus and things are looking very good heading into 2021.  Commercial real estate in Alberta has struggled, especially the office/residential spaces we are trying to lease out in Beaumont.  I strongly feel that now is an ideal time to acquire more assets and I have already submitted several offers in the past few months on buildings, in particular in Saskatoon. If you are interested in participating in our next deal please let me know.

We would like to encourage our battle worn investors to reflect on history. Once the economy turns upwards all owners start to raise rents to recapture lost revenue caused by high vacancy. Values and cash flows will normally exceed previous highs reached before the current down cycle. Patience will eventually bring its rewards.