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Cory Sperle – Multi Family Authority and Professional Real Estate Investor

So you have decided to buy an apartment building, good for you! It can’t be that hard can it? Well… I can tell you after many purchases and many painful (expensive) lessons it is not.

Once you’ve closed on it you own it. After you have signed the contract it is too late to discover:

• You’ve paid too much.
• You bought a property that experienced investors would not buy.
• You didn’t evaluate or negotiate properly to get the right price.
• Your not sure how to operate the property.
• You don’t have the right team, or skills, to make the property profitable.

In order to successfully execute a deal, first time multi family investors MUST rely on advice of more experienced investors, period!

When you hire me, you will instantly be certain you made a wise investment. I get calls weekly from investors who have made one or more of the mistakes above when they bought a building. Most of these errors are easily avoidable with the proper guidance.

Cory Sperle is a multi-family expert and entrepreneur who has purchased 9 apartment buildings in the last 10 years, 5 of those with other people’s money. Cory has focused on multifamily exclusively since 2005 and has acquired vast knowledge, connections, and expertise to succeed in this fabulous wealth generating vehicle. I wish to share this information with those who wish to follow this path. The connections I will introduce you to are worth it alone.

The decision to purchase an apartment building is a big one. Even if you have owned several single-family properties, I have seen many investors fall on their faces when jumping to Multis. Because of the large amounts of capital at stake, even a small mistake can be magnified exponentially and cost you 10’s to 100’s of thousands of dollars. Multi family has the ability to make you fabulously wealthy very quickly, and also has the ability to seemingly bankrupt you before you can blink. Being educated and having the right tools and a mentor every step of the way will virtually guarantee your success!

The truth is anyone can purchase an apartment building, even with no experience or no money! I’ve literally wasted 10’s of thousands of dollars on avoidable mistakes, and I don’t want you to fall in the same traps. With the right mindset and tools, anyone can go from average to sophisticated by following a process and rules typically only known to professionals. There are hundreds of ways to protect yourself, negotiate dynamite deals, and attract joint venture capital if this is your chosen route.

Those who wish to own their own building often don’t have the time to invest in the skills required to acquire a home run deal. I do not provide course material. Multi courses can cost $5000 or more for a few days and a binder of handouts and the instruction stops there. I am with you 100% of the time for as long as you need!

What I am offering you is:

• Leverage my 15 years of purchasing multis and be personally endorsed by me.
• 24/7 exclusive access. Contact me every step of the way for guidance.
• Formally introduce you to all of the insiders I utilize to leverage your relationships.
• I will guide you every step of the way from planning your purchase to closing date.
• I will help or negotiate on your behalf the best possible deal you can make.
• I will assist in raising capital if you do not possess it yourself.
• Help with your net worth binder so lenders have to say yes.
• Understand the lending process, and what it takes to get a deal done today.
• Show you how to locate the best performing properties.
• Illustrate how to negotiate the best deals using realtors, when to go dual agent, or not use one at all.
• Evaluate and inspect the buildings you are considering buying.
• How to pre-qualify for a commercial mortgage and get the best rates.
• How lenders use CAP, DCR to determine lending value vs. actual value.
• How to determine value, appraisal, assessment, pro-s and cons.
• How to set up your corporate structure. When to incorporate and when not to.
• Negotiating the best insurance rates – traps to avoid.
• Best value – I’ll share all of my ‘cheat sheet’ shortcuts to save you time and money.
• Closing costs for an apartment are typically $30,000 to $40,000. Reducing this marginally will pay for the entire mentorship!
• What is fair for your bank, broker, lawyer to charge. What you can do on your own?
• 100-point checklist of everything to verify at purchase, don’t miss any!!
• Fight for every line on your expense statement and know exactly where you can cut.
• The criticality of expense tracking on your income statement.
• Repair and Maintain, when to upgrade and when not to, and how much to spend.
• How to handle the buildings deferred maintenance, when it is an issue and when not.
• How to set rents, in rising markets, flat, and declining – Mistakes Rookies make.
• Property management – how to motivate them and keep them accountable.
• Onsite manager – incentives that work.

How do I get started? Simple click the link below to send me a message, then lets have a quick chat, that’s it!

Please contact me for any questions and let’s get started!