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CorySperle06v3 smaller versionCory Sperle grew up in small town Saskatchewan, and graduated from Unity Composite High School in 1991. He went on to technical school in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan from 1991 to 1994 and has worked as a technologist and trades-person the past 22 years in a variety of positions and industries, including overseas to the former soviet republic of Kyrgyzstan. Currently he is preparing to take his executive MBA through Athabasca University and will soon focus to Real Estate full time.
Cory has been an active real estate investor for over 16 years, and has become an expert at creating win/win relationships with tenants, property owners, and investors.  For the first decade or so he self-managed suited houses, and duplexes that he owned. He began mentoring under professionals in Multi Family investing in 2004, where he was an investor in a joint venture and learned the business from the ground up. Cory joined the real estate investment network (REIN) to branch out his network and learn in any way that he could about the business. He attended many seminars on real estate investing, and read over a dozen books and met and spoke to many successful entrepreneurs in which he could mentor. Altyn Equities was founded in 2010 with the purchase of Florence Apartments. Cory’s stellar team of Real estate agents, commercial mortgage broker, property managers, Lawyers, and accountant all specialize in real estate and provide invaluable service and expertise to the business. He believes in a hands on approach, and has viewed hundreds of suites in many buildings, as well as mentoring and investing with long time professionals in the industry.

Cory purchased all of his earlier properties and first two apartment buildings with his own cash. He decided to prove to himself and others that wealth could be created quickly and safely if properly planned and executed. He started out with $5000 in 2000 and grew it to a million dollar portfolio in about 12 years by taking a systematic and diligent approach to the business. This was possible by investing in solid properties, as well as joint venturing with others. Our general strategy is to purchase undervalued and underappreciated assets, and spend some cash to turn the property into a beautiful income generator, and sell off for significant profit. Cory is a member of several real estate organizations and clubs, and continues to improve on the business he is passionate about. He sincerely believes in being compensated based on performance, without heavy upfront fees.

He currently resides in Kelowna, BC and focuses his investments primarily in Alberta and Saskatchewan,  both of which he has lived for many years knows the local economies and real estate markets very well.


    Success Stories

  • Raleigh Square – Red Deer Alberta

    7180 Park Avenue, Red Deer, Alberta

    Purchased December 2017 for  $3,024,000 with a $2,740,000 VTB (90% for  3 years)

    Altyn Equities invested $200,000  and co-managed the venture

    Property was refinanced in September 2018 for $5,380,000, 8 months later!

    Approximately $1,000,000 invested for a value lift of over $2,350,000.

    Substantial Value increase in a short time frame by upgrading and raising rents accordingly.

    ROI: Substantial ROI - Please contact

    Sold for: Substantial - Please contact

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  • Church Road – Spruce Grove

    200 Church Road, Spruce Grove, Alberta

    Will Purchase August 2018 $1,750,000 with a 75% loan @4.5% for 5 years

    Cash required $750,000

    ROI: Please contact for more information

    Sold for: Subscription filled - Currently Active

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  • Mansard Terrace

    710 8th Street East, Saskatoon Saskatchewan

    Purchased October 2017 $1,470,000 with a 65% loan @3.25% for 5 years

    Cash invested $630,000

    ROI: Please contact for more information

    Sold for: Subscription filled - Currently Active

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  • Marsin Apartments

    2440 Louise Avenue, Saskatoon Saskatchewan

    Purchased October 2016 $1,200,000 with a 75% loan @3% for 5 years

    Cash invested $420,000

    ROI: Please contact for more info

    Sold for: Currently Active

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