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Exceptional Real Estate investment opportunity

This exceptional opportunity was located at 9104-99th street in one of the most sought after neighborhoods in South Edmonton, Strathcona, which is close to Whyte Avenue and the University of Alberta. We purchased this project for less than $93,000 per door and it was located on prime land at the corner of 99th street and Saskatchewan Drive. The building was is in average condition in a class A location which made this project desirable and easily salable in the future.

Florence Apartments

ROI: Please contact for more info

Sold for: $1,331,000 July 2014

9104 99th  Street, Edmonton Alberta (11 suites)

Purchased May 2010 for $1,018,000 with with 75% loan at 5.12% for 5 years

Cash invested –  $375,000

What was exceptional about this deal:

  • low purchase price of $92,545 / unit in premium A+ location
  • land value among the highest and most sought after in Edmonton
  • Majority of the suites in decent condition.
  • Building was in decent condition, with minimal upgrades necessary
  • Excellent central location, close to U of A, Whyte Avenue, and the river valley.
  • Sold the project to another investor to move on to bigger projects.

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Raleigh Square – Red Deer Alberta

ROI: Substantial ROI - Please contact

Sold for: Substantial - Please contact

7180 Park Avenue, Red Deer, Alberta

Purchased December 2017 for  $3,024,000 with a $2,740,000 VTB (90% for  3 years)

Altyn Equities invested $200,000  and co-managed the venture

Property was refinanced in September 2018 for $5,380,000, 8 months later!

Approximately $1,000,000 invested for a value lift of over $2,350,000.

Substantial Value increase in a short time frame by upgrading and raising rents accordingly.

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Church Road – Spruce Grove

ROI: Please contact for more information

Sold for: Subscription filled - Currently Active

200 Church Road, Spruce Grove, Alberta

Will Purchase August 2018 $1,750,000 with a 75% loan @4.5% for 5 years

Cash required $750,000

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Mansard Terrace

ROI: Please contact for more information

Sold for: Subscription filled - Currently Active

710 8th Street East, Saskatoon Saskatchewan

Purchased October 2017 $1,470,000 with a 65% loan @3.25% for 5 years

Cash invested $630,000

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Altyn Equities