Adam Apartments

4520 47th Street Leduc

Exceptional Real Estate investment opportunity - 17 suiter

This exceptional opportunity is located at 4520 47th Avenue Leduc. Leduc is located 33m South of Edmonton, and with a population of 33,032 it is one of the fastest growing cities in Alberta. This 17 suiter is in good condition and we will be adding an 18th bachelor suite. Similar performing projects are selling today in the $125,000/unit range and we are buying this asset for an amazing price of only $1,479,000 ($87,000/unit!).

ROI: Substantial ROI - Please Contact
Sold for: Project Active

Purchased November 2021 for  $1,462,000 with an 85% Bridge Loan

Co-Ownership with one Partner – 2022 Improved Edmonton Economy.

Plan to Refinance with CMHC in Summer 2022 for $2,200,000

Approximately $550,000 invested. Planning for full equity repatriation to invest in other projects.

Substantial Value increase in a short time frame by upgrading and raising rents accordingly.

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