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    Exceptional Real Estate investment opportunity

    Beaumont Place is located in central Beaumont, a community of 16,000 located 3.2km south east of Edmonton, Alberta. This location is very active with development and is in close proximity to the Edmonton International Airport. The building has strong cash flow from day 1, with large upside potential in rents. This building is in exceptional condition and in a class A location of Beaumont, making this deal the flagship operation of Altyn Equities.

    Beaumont Place

    ROI: Please contact for more info

    Sold for: Currently Active

    4902 50th Avenue Beaumont Alberta

    Purchased December 2014  $2,900,000 with 75% loan at 3.55% for 3 years

    Appraised for  $3,050,000 (October 2014 appraisal)

    Current Value (July 2016) $3,700,000

    Cash invested  $900,000

    What is exceptional about this deal:

    • Low purchase price of $2,900,000 given premium condition, and class “A” location.
    • Commerical bays are rented too low. Major upside in contract renegotiation alone.
    • Apartment rents are $175 too low, over $500,000 upside on residential portion only.
    • 3 story building CONCRETE. Apartments are 2 bedroom 1.5 bath, townhouse style.
    • New proposed 85 store outlet mall near the airport conditionally agreed upon.
    • 3 year mortgage to get the rents to maket or above, then option to refinance or sell.

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    Mansard Terrace

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    Sold for: Subscription filled - Currently Active

    710 8th Street East, Saskatoon Saskatchewan

    Purchased October 2017 $1,470,000 with a 65% loan @3.25% for 5 years

    Cash invested $630,000

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    Marsin Apartments

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    2440 Louise Avenue, Saskatoon Saskatchewan

    Purchased October 2016 $1,200,000 with a 75% loan @3% for 5 years

    Cash invested $420,000

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    Chaben Place

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    Sold for: Currently Active

    3609 Chaben Place, Saskatoon Saskatchewan

    Purchase March 2016 for $2,710,000 with 75% loan at 3.4% for 5 years

    Cash invested  $840,000

    8 investors to share in the profit share and equity


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    Altyn Equities