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Exceptional Real Estate investment opportunity

Chaben Place is located in the premium central east Saskatoon location of College Park.  The 24 suite building is located directly accross the street from City Center Mall, 8th street, and is in very close proximity from the well known University of Saskatchewan. Saskatoon is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada with a strong and diversified economy. This building is in good condition and would be a class B building in a class A location.

Chaben Place

ROI: Please contact for more info

Sold for: Currently Active

3609 Chaben Place, Saskatoon Saskatchewan

Purchase March 2016 for $2,710,000 with 75% loan at 3.4% for 5 years

Cash invested  $840,000

8 investors to share in the profit share and equity


What is exceptional about this deal:

  • Low purchase price of $2,710,000 given good condition and condition and class “A” location.
  • Condominiums in near identical buildings listed for around $160,000.
  • Excellent suite mix with 17 large, two bedroom units!
  • Building is in good condition with most appliances replaced in the past few years.
  • College Park is one of the most premium locations of Saskatoon, close to U of S.
  • Saskatchewan economy still going strong, despite low oil prices.
  • Very well maintained. $170,000 spent on upgrades in the past 18 months.
  • Peaked roof installed in 2008 at a cost of $134,000.
  • Cash flow from day 1 due to condition, with good rental upside medium and long term.

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Raleigh Square – Red Deer Alberta

ROI: Substantial ROI - Please contact

Sold for: Substantial - Please contact

7180 Park Avenue, Red Deer, Alberta

Purchased December 2017 for  $3,024,000 with a $2,740,000 VTB (90% for  3 years)

Altyn Equities invested $200,000  and co-managed the venture

Property was refinanced in September 2018 for $5,380,000, 8 months later!

Approximately $1,000,000 invested for a value lift of over $2,350,000.

Substantial Value increase in a short time frame by upgrading and raising rents accordingly.

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Church Road – Spruce Grove

ROI: Please contact for more information

Sold for: Subscription filled - Currently Active

200 Church Road, Spruce Grove, Alberta

Will Purchase August 2018 $1,750,000 with a 75% loan @4.5% for 5 years

Cash required $750,000

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Mansard Terrace

ROI: Please contact for more information

Sold for: Subscription filled - Currently Active

710 8th Street East, Saskatoon Saskatchewan

Purchased October 2017 $1,470,000 with a 65% loan @3.25% for 5 years

Cash invested $630,000

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