Edmonton is number 1 in job creation

Good news for Edmonton and Alberta.  Even with fluctuating oil prices Edmonton remains a stable and economically viable place to invest for years to come.
Where Canada’s jobs will be in 2015 and beyond

Motorized mannequins hold signs that read "Hire Me" in Toronto

If you don’t know much about Edmonton, it might be hard to see the appeal.

The winters are cold and the landscape undramatic. Even local officials have had to stop calling it the City of Champions after years of disappointing returns from the hometown hockey team.

But there is one enviable thing Edmonton does have: jobs, and plenty of them.

Edmonton scored the highest among Canada’s biggest urban centres in terms of projected job growth in a recent labour-market study by CareerBuilder.ca, the Canadian branch of a U.S.-owned career site.

Over the next six years, more than 59,000 additional jobs are expected to open up in the city.

The study projects nearly 844,000 jobs by 2020, up 8 per cent over 2014 labour market figures of about 785,000 jobs.

The pace of job creation in Calgary is expected to follow closely behind at 7 per cent (for a total of 911,000 jobs in 2020), with Regina and Saskatoon running at 6 per cent growth (156,000 and 179,500, respectively, by 2020).


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