Multifamily Moguls – Successful Multifamily Investing Podcast

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Cory’s very first investment deal in the year 2000s. It was a single-family house with a basement suite. Cory shares the cost and how much he rented it out. Then did a progression into multifamily from there.

  • Cory’s advice for someone who’s about to dive into investing in multifamily—research, follow people for inspiration, analyze, find a mentor.
  • Factors contributing to the success of Cory as an investor in the multifamily space.
  • How Cory managed to survive and protect himself from the downturns of the real estate classes that he had been investing in. He started with a well-selected property, having solid management in place and a substantial reserve fund.
  • An investor in multifamily space must understand the pro forma and apply this to expense reduction.
  • Finding deals. Be careful taking advice from people. Find someone who is already there and doing what you want to do.
  • Cory shared his most successful multifamily projects and how he found the deals. He talked about how he navigated around the structural issues and the low occupancy rate of the property.