Political dominance reins in Alberta

Same old in Alberta is not necessarily a bad thing. Alberta will remain business friendly, low tax, and attract immigration and migrant workers for many years to come, thus driving demand for housing as well.

Early spring election may be in the cards for Alberta

Going to polls ahead of March budget good timing for PCs
By Sheila Pratt, Edmonton JournalDecember 30, 2014 6:39 AM
Early spring election may be in the cards for Alberta

It could be in Jim Prentice’s interests to call an early election.

Photograph by: Jason Franson , Edmonton Journal

If oil prices stay low, an early election this spring may well be tempting for Premier Jim Prentice, say pundits and politicians.

Most opposition parties are scrambling now to line up candidates and have triggered election readiness committees, keenly aware the Prentice Conservatives have considerable advantage after decimating the Wildrose Party two weeks ago.

It makes sense for Prentice to go to the polls before imposing the big spending cuts he is promising in the March budget, New Democrat leader Rachel Notley said Monday.

“People will be angry after the cuts and the Tories don’t manage these things well,” said Notley, who is lining up candidates in the next few weeks.

“So it’s good timing for the Tories now.”

But the premier is facing some pushback after moving the party further right by taking on nine Wildrose MLAs, she added.

Prentice could well ignore the province’s four-year law just as Stephen Harper ignored the federal fixed-date election law in 2008, said Liberal leader Raj Sherman, who is also speeding up nominations.

The vaguely worded four-year law also leaves a premier an opening to call an election almost any time — though the official window is March to May 31, 2016.
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