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Curb appeal at Beaumont Place well underway

Progress at Beaumont Place is coming along as scheduled.  Money well spent in the right places can provide a tremendous yield.  Phase 1 of our curb appeal project has begun. Parking lot painting and signage is now complete and parking bumpers will be added later this week. Over the next two months about $50,000 will be spent on signage for our valuable commercial tenants, parking stall signs, a side entrance awning, and a banner.  The LED signage with hanging signs will transform the ugly concrete cube into a modern and appealing building in charming downtown Beaumont.  The best part is that the tenants will be paying for most of these improvements! Because it is a WIN/WIN scenario, the cost of the signage is added to the leases, plus by signing 5 year leases we will realize an increase in rents by about $5400 per month, which capitalized at 6% will provide a lift of over $1,000,000!  This makes the 50K investment seem small, and this is the beautiful part of commercial real estate, value tied directly to income. Check back later this summer as the transformation continues.


20150528_220410Beaumont parking 1

    Success Stories

  • Raleigh Square – Red Deer Alberta

    7180 Park Avenue, Red Deer, Alberta

    Purchased December 2017 for  $3,024,000 with a $2,740,000 VTB (90% for  3 years)

    Altyn Equities invested $200,000  and co-managed the venture

    Property was refinanced in September 2018 for $5,380,000, 8 months later!

    Approximately $1,000,000 invested for a value lift of over $2,350,000.

    Substantial Value increase in a short time frame by upgrading and raising rents accordingly.

    ROI: Substantial ROI - Please contact

    Sold for: Substantial - Please contact

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  • Church Road – Spruce Grove

    200 Church Road, Spruce Grove, Alberta

    Will Purchase August 2018 $1,750,000 with a 75% loan @4.5% for 5 years

    Cash required $750,000

    ROI: Please contact for more information

    Sold for: Subscription filled - Currently Active

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  • Mansard Terrace

    710 8th Street East, Saskatoon Saskatchewan

    Purchased October 2017 $1,470,000 with a 65% loan @3.25% for 5 years

    Cash invested $630,000

    ROI: Please contact for more information

    Sold for: Subscription filled - Currently Active

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  • Marsin Apartments

    2440 Louise Avenue, Saskatoon Saskatchewan

    Purchased October 2016 $1,200,000 with a 75% loan @3% for 5 years

    Cash invested $420,000

    ROI: Please contact for more info

    Sold for: Currently Active

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