Take advantage of the short term sale of Alberta and Saskatchewan real estate

Well finally something that makes sense. I recall the panic and frustration in 2008, the last time the stock and the real estate market had a sale. Folks shrugged off heavily discounted stocks and real estate out of fear it would drop even more. This same group waited until 2012 when things were roaring again and are now saying the same thing, panicking and waiting to see what will happen.

Well I for one are buying as fast as I possibly can. I know the long term fundamentals for Alberta and Saskatchewan are incredibly strong. The negative press is only adding fuel to the frustration people are experiencing.  I will go on record as saying investments in real estate and even energy stocks will pay off huge in the years to come. I for one believe that energy prices are at the bottom and within a year or two will be on their way back up again, if not sooner. I plan to be well positioned at that time to reap the benefits of the seeds sewn today.  My experience has taught me that my highest returns have come when I have bought during downturns, and right now is an unprecedented opportunity for you to set yourself up for the next boom which is right around the corner.

Check out the commentary in the western investor which I completely agree with.